Silver Linings


About Vicki Hinze
USA Today Bestselling and Award-Winning Author of 40+ books, short stories/novellas and hundreds of articles. Published in as many as 63 countries and recognized by Who's Who in the World as an author and an educator. Featured Columnist for Social-IN Worldwide Network and Book Fun Magazine. Sponsor/Founder of FMI visit

2 Responses to Silver Linings

  1. Sherry Lewis says:

    Amen, Vicki. I believe that though we can’t always (or ever!) control what happens to us, we’re always given a chance to turn even the worst situation into something good.

    • vickihinze says:

      It’s the stopped clock syndrome, Sherry. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. It’s a simple analogy but it does make you stop and consider things from new perspectives, and that’s where the gems are found. So there’s real treasure in getting past the angst and looking for the good.

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